Viking Barbie Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend And Net Worth Details

Viking Barbie was born in 22 October 1985 and her real name is Kayleigh Swenson. She is an American model, songwriter, musician, YouTuber and social media personality. She was born in San Antonio, Texas, and she is best known for her role as a Playboy model and that too twice. She is a social media actor who gained a lot of popularity just for being the daughter of Robert Swenson, who was a professional wrestler as well as an actor. Robert Swenson became quite famous after appearing as Bane in the film Batman and Robin in 1997. Viking Barbie has gained a huge fan base from her social media accounts. Furthermore, she has worked for a quite a number of brands during her modelling career. Here are some of the not so common facts about her that everyone does not know.

Age and Height

Kayleigh Swenson’s parents were blessed by her on 22nd October 1985 in san Antonio, Texas, united states of America. Viking Barbie’s age as of 2021 is 36 years old right now. Moreover, her zodiac sign is Libra since she was born in 22nd October. Just like a libra, she has all the traits and virtues of a libra such as charming and diplomatic. Even though, her parents named her Kayleigh Swenson, however, she had to change her name to Viking Barbie because that is what her career demanded. Despite all the negative reviews and criticism, she became successful because of her hard work and she did it all by her own. Even though, she is a daughter of a former actor, she had to work her way up from rock bottom, and she did. She has achieved everything she has by herself.

Furthermore, since she is a model, Viking Barbie has to retain a model’s body and has to follow a strict and healthy diet. She has to put in a lot of effort. According to her, her diet involves no sugar and extra protein. She follows a diet that can be considered non-vegetarian because it only consists of eggs, bacon, chicken and green veggies. According to her dietician, more protein and less sugar works best for Viking Barbie. Furthermore, Viking Barbie takes her workout schedule quite seriously and is regular at the gym since her career demands her to be.

In order to be an American model, she has to complete the workout routine which consists of weight training, boxing and strength training. Furthermore, Viking Barbie has a height of five feet and ten inches, which is equal to 178 cm. She has a weight of 57 kg which is equal to 126 lbs. Her hair is blonde in color and her eyes are green in color. She has a Voluptuous body type and has an 8 shoe size. Her body measurements are 38-29-38 and she has tattoos on her arms and waist.

Boyfriend and Family Terms

Viking Barbie is an amazing woman who has an angelic figure as well as an angelic face. many men around the world go crazy about her after meeting her and after seeing her pictures on her Instagram. Men are just waiting for the chance to date Viking Barbie and are lining up on her doorstep just to get that chance. However, Viking Barbie has set her eyes on her own man. In the past, she has dated many people. The last person she dated was Dak Prescott. Dak Prescott was a quarter back of Dallas cowboys. This rumor started to fade when it was confirmed that Prescott is living with a girl, his girlfriend named Lauren Holley. However, these are just rumors since neither of them admitted on social media that they are in love with each other. Currently, she is dating a guy named Aaron Andrew and we have evidence for that as well. On 15 october 2018, which seems to be the birthday of Aaron, Viking Barbie posted a cozy shot of themselves on Instagram and mentioned Aaron as her king and lover. The caption of the photo was “Happy birthday to my King. Thank you for being you… my partner, my lover and my friend.”

Furthermore, not only did Viking Barbie remained opened about their relationship but Aaron as well as open and mentioned Viking on his Instagram bio with a heart emoji. According to social media, they are in a good relationship and love each other very much. In the past, there were also rumours that Viking is a lesbian. However, her photos with Aaron clears that up. Moving on to family terms, she has spent most of her teenage years in Antonio, Texas. She was born in a well-known family in Texas and was born of white Caucasian ethnicity. Viking Barbie was the daughter of Robert Swenson who was also known as Jeep Swenson. He was a professional wrestler, actor and stunt performer. He had gained his popularity by acting as Bane in batman and robin in 1997. In his last days, he had a weight that exceeded 400 pounds and was admitted to the hospital because he had an infection.

However, that infection could only be cured if he lost 100 pounds. However, it was quite difficult for him to lose weight at that stage of his life and died on 18th August 1997. Furthermore, the wife of the late Robert Swenson is Erin Patricia Swenson. She was a moderately successful model as well as an erotic dancer. Robert and Erin got married on 4th May 1985 in Texas. They only have one child, Viking Barbie and she has no siblings.

Viking Barbie Net worth

Viking Barbie Net worthViking Barbie always wanted to become a singer and a rapper as well. so, after becoming a model, she started to establish a career in music industry as well. up to date, she has worked with a lot of different prominent artists such as Crooked I, Keta and many others. According to an interview, Viking Barbie said that now she wants people to associate her with her music career. She has worked on a number of songs and many are yet to release. As of now, she has released tracks such as Lies, My heart belongs to Daddy, blow ya mind and many more. Slowly but gradually, she is climbing the ladder of success in music industry and she was already successful in modelling. Her net worth is estimated to be approximately around 1 million dollars.

However, her career has not been that smooth as her fans are thinking of it. in 2011, Viking Barbie got addicted to drugs and has been to jail multiple times. She had to take rehab which was one of the most difficult times of her life. However, she did not give up and fought through these difficult times herself. Nevertheless, she earns around 5 thousand to 10 thousand dollars on a daily basis through her Instagram. She has 8.1 million followers on Instagram and they keep on increasing 15 thousand to 25 thousand per day. Moreover, through her TikTok, she earns around 1000 to 2000 dollars on a daily basis as she has only 336 thousand followers on TikTok.
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Starting from her education, Viking Barbie was brought in Texas. She had gained her school education from Texas. Then, she went to a local high school and graduated from there. Soon after graduating, she had started working as a model on a professional level. Viking Barbie had a lot of different modelling assignment in her kitty during her early days as a professional model. However, no one knows whether she went for college for higher education or not. Since she lost her father when she was young, she had to support herself and her family and started working as model at a very young age.

She had the perfect height and look that everyone looks in for a model. Viking Barbie was featured on the cover of the playboy magazine twice. First time was on the African playboy magazine in January 2018. The second time was for Sweden playboy in April 2018. Furthermore, she has worked and modelled for a lot of lingerie and swimwear brands as well. however, at the same time, she also worked for normal brands and made regular appearances in other magazines as well. later on, she started to work as a singer and a rapper and became quite successful in that as well.


Here are some of the other not so common facts that you might not know. She is also a YouTuber and uses her channel to release her new tracks. She created that channel on 13th February 2019. Furthermore, her most successful song and the most viewed song on her channel is All the way to the bank ft. Tech N9ne. That song has more than 443 thousand views on YouTube. Furthermore, she has around 9 million followers on Instagram and has posted 155 posts. Her first post on this platform is a video of herself.

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