Halloween Ideas When You Don’t have a Costume

We have all been in the position where we keep out costume shopping till the last day and do not have a costume ready on Halloween. If you are a parent, then finding a costume for your child is even more complicated when in the end, there are no excellent costumes left in the stores. However, we have some ideas for a DIY Halloween outfit when you do not have a costume.

DIY Halloween Outfits you can Make:

  1. Vampire

Dressing up a vampire is the safest and easiest way to never go wrong on Halloween. You can just wear a white shirt with black pants or a black dress, and you are good to go. You can also make a cape out of a bedsheet or don on a coat and do a minimal makeup of smoky eyes and a bit of blood trickling down the side of your lips. You can also wear vampire Grillz by CGG as they are pretty affordable too.If you buy these once, recycling these Grillz as fangs to dress up as a vampire every other year will save you a lot of time and money.

  1. Snow White

You don’t require Grumpy, Bashful, or another of the seven dwarves close by to pull off this captivating ensemble. Simply get a hairpiece, ruby red lipstick, blue shirt, and yellow skirt for a DIY Snow White ensemble. Get a new apple before you head out the way to indeed slip into character. You can also put a bit of food color on your apple to make it seem poisonous, but that’s it. Maybe you’ll even find a prince on the way as well.

  1. Emoji

You can be any emoji you want. Just wear yellow top to bottom, print out an emoji, and stick it on a hairband. Once you put on the hairband, you turn it into the emoji of your choice. However, remember to have the same expression as the emoji for fun.

  1. Avocado

Yes, you hear that right; you can also be just an Avocado for Halloween. However, make sure you have a green dress or shirt handy. Print out a few pictures of avocado and stick them on the shirt or print out a brown circle and stick it on your stomach. You are now a walking avocado.

  1. Sea Anemone

You can be sea anemone for Halloween this year, as weird as it sounds. Just wear a dash of blue underneath and blow out some long pink balloons, the cylindrical ones. You just need to stick them to your shift using tape or pins. Make sure to handle the balloons with care and not let others prick the balloons. Even if you get bored on Halloween, you have balloons you can play with.

  1. Carpool Karaoke

Take your karaoke abilities out and about with this cunning DIY. Here, silver and dark paint change a yellow show board into a paper taxi. Connect velcro ties so that they can lay easily on your shoulders. Wear typical clothing or think of a themed look because of your playlist.

  1. Chick Magnet

Choose the chick magnet outfit whenever you want something quick and easy. All you need for this witty ensemble is a magnet – it’s that easy! Have a fantastic Halloween night by dressing in all black and wearing the magnet around your neck.

  1. Rapunzel

With yellow yarn, make lengthy interlace. You’ll need to wrap the yarn 30-40 times for each mesh segment. To keep it together, tie the top. Because twists have three sections, repeat this process more times. Twist the three pieces together, aiming for tight and dense interlace. Purple bows should be tied all over the mesh, especially to connect the two interlaces. Stick yellow yarn to the top of a yellow beanie to simulate “hair.” Attach the mesh to the “hair” on the cap and the tie on the child transporter (so it doesn’t strain the child’s head/neck), leaving a few longer strands near the back.

Cover the front of the transporter in purple felt or texture and dress the child in pink or purple long sleeves. Make an undergarment detail with bows using pink lace.

  1. 50 Shades of Grey

Just take a black shirt and stick printouts of different shades of gray on it. And you have got fifty shades of gray outfit for your Halloween, and best of all, it is kid-friendly. However, you can also tape the printouts to a transparent teeshirt if going to an adult party.

  1. Cool as a Cucumber

Everybody, as of now, suspects you’re cool, yet this cunning outfit will solidify the arrangement. Make wavy strips of light green felt and paste them all around your dim green outfit. To appropriately satisfy the outfit’s moniker, put on a baseball cap and shades.

  1. Ketchup and Mustard

If you want a pair of costumes, this one wins the game. Just wear red and let the other person wear yellow. Now you will need to print out the yellow and red paper and fold them to form kind of a cap. You can go as ketchup and mustard now.

  1. Bubble bath

Just wear a shower cap and do minimal makeup. Blow some white balloons and stick them to a transparent t-shirt, and you can now go as a bubble bath. However, make sure nobody pokes at your balloons.

  1. Nerd

Fold a few white tapes over the focal point of thick-rimmed glasses and layer suspenders over a white shirt. You just need a calculator or a scale with a book, and boom, you turned into a nerd. However, do not offend any fellow nerds in the area and do not go fighting with the jocks.

  1. Sia

Yes, you can turn up to Halloween as the famous singer Sia. Just wear whatever you want and get a wing with half the hair white and the other half black. Make a black big black bow using chart paper, and you are done.


If you think, there are even easier ways to manage a costume. Last moment Halloween DIY is more fun than buying a costume, and it takes all your creativity into it, and you also need to actually make the costume.

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