What are the uses of coding?


Coding is the process of writing languages for computers. Through such language, the computer performs certain tasks and functions. Thus, coder is the person who writes these codes. Coding is also referred to as computer programming. It is currently one of the most valuable skills that anyone can possess.

No individual will deny the importance of coding in this technological era. Given its importance, every person should learn some level of coding through platforms such as lifeofcoding. Nevertheless, before learning such skill, it is essential to know how the same can be used for different purposes:

  1. Website development

Once you have a solid grip over computer languages, you will be able to make your own website. You must knowledge over languages such as CSS and HTML. This will help you create user interfaces which can be accessed by anyone. This is particularly true for the business community which needs to maintain online presence. Being able to make your own website will allow you to reach a wider range of audience.

  1. Game development

Coding languages now come with different sorts of helpful extensions. These extensions can be helpful in game development. For instance, Python is the foundational computer language which is used for development of games such as World of Tanks, Vega Strike and Battlefield 2. These languages are not only useful for game development but also other similar tools which are designed for performance of specific tasks.

  1. Software development

Coding is a skill which will enable you to develop software as well. It has simplified the process of software development. From development of web-based applications to complex scientific and numeric software, coding has helped a lot. Some coding languages also support other functions such as visualization and data analysis. This means that the process of developing custom and personalized solutions is much easier now. There is no need to put in additional time and efforts to come up with a customized software.

  1. Business benefits

Businesses are now heavily reliant on a variety of software and applications. Being able to code will help you making such business applications. Business software requires extensibility, readability and scalability. Normally, business applications are to be designed in such a manner that it meets the needs of the organization as well as the customers. The ability to code means that you will be able to come up with catered solutions which can help business to grow.

The bottom line

The real world applications of coding are immense. From creation of operating systems and embedded systems to gaming and animation, there are innumerable benefits and uses of coding languages. Above are some of the most common uses listed.

However, it is pertinent to note that there are different coding languages and the uses will different depending on the language. Some coding languages are better than the others. Therefore, you must do an in depth research regarding the language you want to learn and thereafter, begin the learning process.


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