Budget Friendly Casio Watches for Actresses

Casio is one of the most successful consumer electronics brands from Japan. It is mainly known for producing the world’s first entirely electric compact calculator in 1957. During the 1980s Casio ventured into mass-producing digital watches for both men and women.

Casio Watches

Apart from timekeeping, a watch reflects a person’s taste and lifestyle. It has become a style statement and people make sure to wear one or match one with their outfits. It also reflects how one likes to live a disciplined life and values their time.

Casio has been in the watchmaking business for decades now and is still amongst the top sellers of luxury and casual watches for men and women. While most like to wear luxury watches, not many find them within their budget. We have compiled a list of some beautiful iconic actresses watches by Casio, that are also easy on the pocket.

Best Affordable Casio Watches for Actresses

Casio is one of the most sold and worn watch brands in the world. They come with incredible batteries that do not need frequent replacements and can last a lifetime. Here are some of the best Casio watches for women that won’t break the bank!

  1. Casio G-Shock Gold and Pink Dial

The feminine hues of pink make this sporty timepiece look beautiful on any woman. Casio G Shock range of watches have been the industry favourite for a long time due to being shock resistant and sturdy. Apart from being shock-resistant, they are anti-magnetic and water-resistant up to 100 meters. The band is comfortable to wear and is made out of resin. Also, it is one of the most economically priced branded watches out there for women.

  1. Casio G-Shock Baby G

Another from the iconic Casio G-Shock line, this is a slimmer and more compact watch for women. The youthful colours and sporty designs make this the perfect timekeeper for everyday use. Though it lacks some great options like the Tough Solar found in the men’s variety, it still makes for a good buy and looks great on petite wrists.

  1. Casio Pro Trek PRW 3000

For women who like casual watches that can be worn with jeans, sweatshirts and sneakers every day, Casio Pro Trek PRW 3000 is the best economical option for them. Lightweight and totally wearable timepieces, the Pro Trek is great for daily activities and look great on feminine wrists. The colour options are bright and endless and you also get some great features like 100m of water resistance, Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping as well as altimeter, barometer, and compass sensors.

  1. Casio LTP1308D-1AV Steel Bracelet

Another budget-friendly Casio watch for actresses, this design was introduced in 2013 and comes in a round shape.  The dial is made out of mineral glass and the display is analog for women who like classic watch styles. The stainless steel bracelet and fold-over clasp make the watch look even more vintage. You can buy this watch in silver with a black inner dial and aluminum bezels.

Some stores may have them at high prices but all these watches can be bought from online sellers at affordable prices in Pakistan.

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